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Wedding Rings

Bridal Alterations

I would love to help you with your custom wedding dress alterations. If you need a modest build up or just a hem and fitting, I can help you. I love making Custom Sleeves, linings, and even redesigning a vintage dress from your mom or grandma. Custom made wedding dresses are also an option. I'm here to help you feel comfortable, secure, and beautiful on your wedding day.

Thank You, I'll be in touch soon

“Tracy has been sewing since she started watching me years ago. Tracy homeschooled her 5 children in their primary years. As the years went by the curiosity grew in her children and she taught them all basic sewing sewing skills. One of her sons took the basic skills she taught him and earned extra money working at the old Globe theater. Later, while Tracy was working for famous designer Zandra Rhodes, he worked alongside his Mom. She is special and very talented.”

– Terry Keefer, Tracy’s Mom and Stitcher Mentor
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