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Sewing Equipments

Sewing Class

    Having a small sewing group can be the perfect way to learn. If you are just getting started, or wanting to learn more advanced speciality skills, I can help you.

 If you have any questions, Please contact me

                          I'll help you learn with demonstrations, and examples. While also naturally using many styles of teaching and learning so everyone has a better chance of understanding. Practicing and having hands on projects are very important. I also teach the importance of trying and learning different types of sewing machines. This creates comfort and knowledge, which builds confidence. Learning what tools are important and how to use them correctly is always rewarding. I like to start with fun and easy projects and have some success, then move on to more advanced sewing skills and projects.

“I’ve been a professional seamstress for many years, but was lacking in pattern making skills. Tracy taught me some basic principles that really helped me expand my practice. She also taught me to crochet my first hat! Her warm and open personality made a lesson fun.”

– Julie Barner, San Diego Opera
Tailoring Workshop

“Tracy is an amazing sewing teacher because she makes you feel comfortable and confident with your new sewing skills and how to keep your sewing machine oiled, cleaned and how to deal with the tension. I used to have to take my machine into the shop which costs at least $200 to clean and fix the tension but now I can do it myself. It was fun to learn with Tracy – she makes sewing more fun.”

– Shelly Densley, Center Stage Stitchers Student
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