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             Beginning Knitting, is 2-hours, with 2 sessions. Knitting is good for the soul. The satisfaction of creating a knitted project brings joy to the knitter. We hope you will join us for a cup of tea, and knitting! 

Beginning to Knit 

            In this two class course, we will learn the healing and relaxing art of knitting. Each knitter will be given needles and yarn, and learn how to knit a scarf. Homework progress is encouraged before the finishing class. 

What we will learn:

  • Cast on stitches

  • Cast off/bind off

  • Knit and Purl

Course Length: 2 Classes 

Class Length: 2 Hours

Level: Beginner


Yarn and needles included

Contact Tracy  for times!

Photo Jul 01, 11 40 04 AM.jpg
Woman Knitting

“I have had the pleasure of working with Tracy for over 13 years in regional theater. She is a master of her craft, and she enjoys sharing her knowledge with others. Tracy Jean brings her extensive professional experience and enthusiasm paired with her infectious personality to bring a well-rounded educational experience for students of all levels.”

– Veronica von Borstel, College Theater Costume Professor
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