Your Skills. Center Stage.

Learn how to sew, knit and much, much more with me, Tracy Jean, veteran fashion and costume designer. Whether you've never threaded a needle before or if you've been sewing your whole life, I have classes, private lessons and parties that will be perfect for you!

“I was a beginning stitcher when I took her class. I did know some basics but had only been sewing a few months. In just four classes she taught us how to sew a pair of pajamas and a fall jacket. I have always been an impatient person and sewing has forced me to slow down and pay attention! I love sewing now.”

– Lija Mammen, Center Stage Stitchers Student

“Tracy believed in my skill and worked hard to push me to be a better costumer. She truly wants you to be successful and puts a lot of her time and energy into you so that you can be.”

– Brittany Lovegrove, Hale Centre Theatre

“Tracy Jean is one of the most creative people I know. What’s more amazing is her patience and instruction know-how. Sewing is her passion and it shows.”

– Shelli Green, Center Stage Stitchers Student